About Me

I am a writer but whilst I am aspiring for literary success, I work part time at the University of York. I lecture in philosophy of learning and engage in  a variety of educational projects. I taught for the Open University for 23 years and am a National Teaching Fellow.

Along the way I have taught in prisons, schools, colleges and universities.

Currently my writing is concerned with the eighteenth century and my latest effort is focused on the ideas and legacies of Tom Paine and Edmund Burke.  I try to serve up complex ideas and historical events in a way that is human, accessible and interesting. My writing is classified as 'historical fiction'.

I am obsessed but poor windsurfer - a passion I discovered late in life.  Actually I rather enjoy being not very good - there is so much to learn and nearly every experience is a major one.

This is me just getting going on a 120 board and a 7 meter sail in wonderful Donegal: